Here, we have decided to make a distinction between work on the "inner planes" (which we call The Inner Way) and physical action (which we call The Outer Way).

We define The Inner Way as those activities that help us better understand ourselves, that bring us closer to our essence, to our Divinity, and that bring us a measure of inner peace and love. We have been inspired by many sources, a brief listing of which we share with you.

Fundamentally, however, we believe that from a foundation of inner peace, we expand outwards and change our world. That is what we mean when we affirm that "Peace begins within". That is not to say that we must all be in a perfect state of inner peace to create outer peace. Having an intention for peace, holding that vision, and then working outwards from it manifests in positive action. In The Outer Way, we offer an ever-growing list of such people and organizations whose intentions are creating important actions for peace.

Finally, we were heartened to know that we were not the only pilgrims who have walked to Jerusalem. Others have gone before, and after, us. Each has taken a different route and has a unique story. You can learn more about them by clicking on More Pilgrims.


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