Some of the questions we are most often asked are where specifically did we walk? How many kilometers did we cover each day? Did we ever rest? In The Route, we bring you along with us, day-by-day, and through our pictures and comments, we give you a feeling of what our daily walk was like.

People were also often fascinated by what we carried in our backpacks. In The Backpack section, we offer you such a glimpse and show how the contents changed with the seasons.

In the Tips for the Outer Way, we offer some suggestions for how to plan for the physical aspects of the walk. That is probably the easiest part to prepare. We often struggled emotionally, trying to keep our spirits high and to live what we believed about peace. Although no one can ever tell you how to walk your inner journey, in Tips for the Inner Way, we share with you some of our thoughts and revelations in the hopes that they will inspire you towards your own truth.


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